Welcome to my website.

I class myself as a freelance photographer because i can choose to do what woork is offered to me at reasonble prices that really are far well below whats being offered today.

We all know its Digital and that you can tweek photos and highlight them so that they look fantastic and then charge astronomical prices far beyond the reach of a lot of people.

This is where i tend to come in and offer the same service at sensible prices.

I will be putting on various work that I have done so you can see if I would  fit your plans.


Hi I am Russell Davies,and at Present 49yrs of age. I have been doing photography as my hobby for at least 30 years and still to this day really enjoy taking pictures and sending them to competitions round the globe with some success. I would like to offer a friendly service where you choose what you want done and I wont deviate from your plans, but would offer advice on what I think might improve your picture. That's me,but even though it's my hobby,be assured I will deliver a perfect picture everytime. page online
On my new website I introduce myself and my hobbies.

My favourite team

I'm a huge football fan, even though I don't play myself. I follow the Premier League for the most part, and I also enjoy watching lower-league football from time to time. I support one of my local teams, Aston Villa. And when it comes to lower-league football, I'm all for Walsall FC.

It's hard not to like football when your dad is a PE teacher. Luckily for me, he never pressurised me into playing and always encouraged me to find my own favourite sports. I wasn't cut out to be a football player myself, but that hasn't stopped me from following the Premier League and supporting my local team with a passion!

Photos from the stadium

I take my camera with me whenever I go to the stadium in order to capture the game from the fans' perspective. The gallery below is full of snapshots from the games I've been to.

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